We Provide Local Business Marketing Solutions

With 92% of consumers looking online for the company with which to do business, an internet presence is no longer just important, it’s critical. Our services focus on promoting your online presence and reputation.

Why OTB Marketing Systems?

Local businesses depend on marketing to attract new customers and keep existing customers coming back. In many small business situations, we find business owners working within narrow time constraints with limited resources and their marketing suffers.

Well, that’s where we come in…

We will help you gain authority in your industry, build credibility with your customers, and increase the visibility of your local business!

Our systems and strategies focus on attracting new customers and enhancing your customer’s experience.

Enhanced customer experience creates strong customer loyalty, promotes personal referrals and positive word of mouth advertising.

The net results, more business and increased revenue.

“Our ultimate “Goal” is to help you gain online credibility, increase trust, increase sales and generate massive exposure!”

Our Services

OTB Marketing Systems offers a well defined set of services and marketing systems. Each one of our marketing services compliments the others. One system integrates seamlessly with the next. What ever stage your business is in, that’s where we’ll start.

Video Reviews Marketing

We all agree that word of mouth advertising is powerful. Video testimonial marketing is word of mouth advertising on steroids!

Website Development

88% of your prospects are looking for you online. Today, it’s critical to offer an online presence. It’s time to accept the inevitable.

Daily Deal Site Marketing

Deal Site Marketing can bring your business new customers by helping you leverage the enormous demand and popularity of local daily deal sites.

A properly structured deal will bring you new customers, create massive exposure and generate cash flow!

We are Proud Members of the Deal Site Marketers Association

OTB Marketing Systems is a member in good standing with the “Deal Site Marketers Association”.

Deal Site Marketers Association was created to help small businesses maximize their profits when working with Deal Sites. DSMA bridges the GAP that exists between the business and the Deal Site.

Our positioning is very unique. We get paid based on performance. You don’t pay us upfront to run the deal, there is no fee to be on a deal site, so when you get paid you just pay us a percentage. We have an interest in making sure you do well! The better you do the better we do!

Our members are all required to go through a training that teaches them how to properly run a deal for a local business. In addition, DSMA members have special connections and relationships with deal sites, to ensure the best experience for businesses.

For more information on our Marketing Services, please contact us!

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